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December 8, 2021  

Episode 22: Pedagogy Matters with Jonny Kay - Math & English in Colleges

In this episode, we talk to Jonny Kay, Head of Teaching, Learning and Assessment at Newcastle College. Jonny is a former English teacher with a wealth of experience across the school/college sector and more recently, the author of Improving Maths and English In Further Education: A Practical Guide. 

We discuss all things English and maths, with a focus on ideas to improve the delivery of standalone qualifications, as well as the importance of all lecturers/teachers helping to make learners more literate and numerate. 

November 10, 2021  

Episode 21: Pedagogy Matters with Martin McGuire - WorldSkills

In this episode, we talk to Martin McGuire, WorldSkills UK Director, Scotland. Martin describes how regional, national and international competition, can raise standards in vocational education, and by embracing the values and ethos of WorldSkills, we can have a positive impact on students and the development of their skills.

October 6, 2021  

Episode 20: Pedagogy Matters with Dr. Lee Coutts - Transformative Learning and Teaching

In this episode, we talk to Dr Lee Coutts about the topic of Transformative Learning and Teaching. Lee shares his perspective on how education can be socially progressive, making a positive difference to society. He describes a transformative learning pedagogical approach for and with students, and how adopting approaches such as (student-led) professionally authentic assessment can make a real impact on curriculum delivery.

September 22, 2021  

Episode 19: Pedagogy Matters with Walter Patterson - Digital Capability Research

In this episode, we talk to Walter Patterson, Lead Researcher about the recently published Digital Capability: A Scottish Landscape Review report, which examines how colleges prioritised digital skills over the lockdown period. Walter shares with us the approaches taken to gather the research, key findings and an overview of the outputs

July 28, 2021  

Episode 18: Leadership Matters with Roddy Millar - Emerging Trends

The final epside of the Leadership Matters mini-series is with Roddy Millar – Founder and CEO of ideas for leaders, and Co-Founder of the Scottish Leadership Institute. Roddy discusses his work as a writer and publisher in the fields of executive education, management and leadership. Roddy works with international business schools and we will be exploring the emerging trends in leadership practice across the world.

July 21, 2021  

Episode 17: Leadership Matters with Janet Whitley - Collective Leadership

The third epside of the Leadership Matters mini-series is with Janet Whitley, Collective Leadership Lead at Scottish Government. Janet discusses the work of Collective leadership Scotland, how they support partners and colleagues from across the public sector in the practice of collaboration and collective leadership and how leaders in the FE sector can become involved.

July 14, 2021  

Episode 16: Leadership Matters with Anthony Willoughby - Territory Mapping

The second epside of the Leadership Matters mini-series is with Anthony Willoughby. Anthony is an author, explorer and founder of the Nomadic School of Business. During this episode, we chat about what Anthony has learned about leadership from living and working with indigenous communities across the world. We discuss the importance of personal leadership and the collective first, as well as the visionary tool Anthony uses to help people understand their territories.

July 7, 2021  

Episode 15: Leadership Matters with Grant Ritchie – Leadership Journey

A slight change to the format, we're going to run 4 episodes entitled, 'Leadership Matters', exploring leadership from different perspectives. The first in the series introduces Grant Ritchie – former Principal at Dundee and Angus College and Fellow with CDN. During this podcast Grant discusses his leadership journey, what helped and hindered him on that journey, and what advice he would give to emerging leaders.

June 23, 2021  

Episode 14: Pedagogy Matters with Laura Watson and Katie Paget - Education for Sustainability

In this episode we talk to Laura Watson and Katie Paget from Dundee and Angus College where the topic of ‘Education for sustainability’ is explored and unpicked. They share their perspectives on what is meant by the term, why they feel it is important, and how colleagues from across the sector can integrate conversations on this topic within their teaching practice to further educate students and raise awareness.  

June 16, 2021  

Episode 13: Pedagogy Matters with Alan McLean - Emotional Pedagogy

Within this episode, we explore the topic of Emotional Pedagogy with Alan McLean. Alan draws upon his extensive experience in the education sector to unpick what is meant by the term emotional pedagogy and the impact that emotions can have on the learning experience, from both the perspective of lecturers and students. Alan explores different concepts such as the Compendium of Emotions and what is meant by the term Emotional Coaching. For further information and to find out more about the Emotional Ring and other resources Alan references in this episode, please visit the What Motivates Learning website

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